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Colour Magic Lighting Pack Complimentary Pack

A starter pack for exploring the basics of colour addition and subtraction  

Sheet size 250mm x 300mm (10" x 12")

1 x sheet of each colour:

119 dark blue – Good for mood effects created by backlighting and sidelighting. Creates great contrast

174 dark steel blue – Great for set lighting. Creates good moonlight shadows

115 peacock blue – A pleasing effect on set. Good for cyclorama and backlighting (e.g. ice rinks, galas etc)

117 steel blue – Good for cool washes. Adds a pale green tint. Great for emulating icy weather on stage

124 dark green – Good for cycloramas and backlighting

138 pale green – Good with gobos for wooded scenes

007 pale yellow – Sunlight

101 yellow – Sunlight and window effect – pleasant in acting areas

164 flame red – Great for fire effects

176 loving amber – Used for backlighting and general areas. Great for sunrise effect and warming skin tones

035 light pink – A warm wash good for musical reviews

128 bright pink – Created for use as backlighting and side lighting. Great for musicals

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