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Colour Magic - Tints Pack

Lighting filters which compliment the original Colour Magic Pack to create alternative shades. 

Sheet size 250mm x 300mm (10" x 12")

1 x sheet of each colour:

048 rose purple – Good for emulating evening. Great backlight 

174 dark steel blue – Great for set lighting. Creates good moonlight shadows

131 marine blue – Good for romantic moonlight. Often used in ballet and underwater scenes

088 lime green – Use with gobos for leafy glades. Good for pantomimes, giving a slightly sinister atmosphere

100 spring yellow – A sunlight wash- use with gobos, discos and dark skin tones

108 english rose – Warm tint wash. Dark flesh tones and softer skin tones

164 flame red – Great for fire effects

157 pink – Great for dance sequences (Useful for softening white costumes without affecting skin tones)

002 rose pink – Strong pink wash, good for cycloramas 

228 brushed silk – Directional soft lighting effect used for scattering light in one direction only

250 half white diffusion – A medium diffusion used for soft light effects. Manufactured on a tough polyester base in a range of seven strengths 

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