e-colour+ 276 Blackout

e-colour+ 276 Blackout


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E276 Blackout is a part of Rosco’s e-colour+ range of lighting filters.

The material is a 3 mil (76 micron) thick opaque polyester film that features a matte/frosted black finish and is available in 60”x20’ (152.4 cm x 6.1 m) rolls

Waterproof, can be used indoors or outdoors

For blacking out windows, creating negative fill, and adding shadows into the shot – e-colour blackout is a versatile material to have in your stock. 

Blocking Out Window light

Download this useful guide How to install filters on to a window

Rosco E276 Blackout


Custom Cucoloris Effects

Rosco E276 Blackout



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