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Moving Light Assistant™

Moving lights are complex. Moving Light Assistant™ keeps you organised.

Once your order is confirmed we will email you a unique serial number to unlock the Moving Light Assistant Software. 
Moving Light Assistant™ is an application designed to document both the physical setup and programming information for moving light rigs commonly used in the entertainment industry.
The software offers a spreadsheet view to show the configuration (lenses, lamps, menu options etc.) of moving light fixtures in your production's rig, to save you time and keep your project organized. It also allows you to design and edit moving light gobo, colour, and effect wheel loads, import console reports from leading lighting consoles, and much more, depending on the needs of your project.

The Moving Light Assistant application will run on both Apple Mac OSX (Intel only) and Microsoft Windows operating system.


For more information please visit the moving light assistant website

There are several licence types available:-

The Personal license enables all the features of the application. This license is ideal for Lighting Designers, Associates, Assistants, Programmers and Production Electricians. Only one instance of the application for a serial number are allowed. The application can be installed and activated on up to 2 computers.

  • Student licence (Proof of student ID required)

Proof of student enrollment in a current educational program is required. The student license will enable all features of the application for a period of 3 years from purchase and with the only limitation being that print outs and pdf documents will be watermarked. Only one instance of the application for a serial number are allowed. The application can be installed and activated on up to 2 computers.

The Institutional license is for companies and institutions where multiple users wish to run the application concurrently. Proof of institutional status may be required when purchasing an Institutional license. All the features of the application are enabled and it is possible to run up to 5 computers concurrently with the same serial number. The application can be installed and activated on up to 10 computers.

  • Demo/Reader

If the application is launched without a purchased serial number, then the application will default to Demo/Reader mode. This makes it possible for a shows running crew to view the documentation created for a show without the need to purchase a license. If an existing show document is opened, it will be possible to view all of the data stored in the document. It will not be possible to modify any of the data.


Moving Light Assistant software is full of useful features for lighting professionals. Additional features include the ability to:

• View cue list, cue data, and channel data.
• Examine channel usage, including maximum intensity, preset use, and redundant moves. 
• Track current cue and photographs in the cue list with the lighting console in real time, using Midi Show Control. 
• Design, print, or generate PDF reports. 
• Take photographs directly into the application with a compatible DSLR camera connected via USB.

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