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ETC Puck

This ETC-supported mini-PC can function as a standalone Eos controller for small-scale rigs or as a cost-effective client in your Eos system – whether as a primary or backup controller, a remote programming station or a video interface. The ETC Puck supports up to two 4K multitouch monitors.

Puck is available in two capacities - ETC Puck Base or ETC Puck Unlocked.  Base supports 1024 outputs while Unlocked supports 6144 outputs.  When operating as a client, Puck accesses the full output count of the Eos system to which it is connected. Puck can be upgraded later from Base to Unlocked by purchasing an upgrade code.
ETC Puck Base makes an ideal small RVI. Puck can communicate via Ethernet-based lighting protocols (Net3/ACN/sACN and Art-Net) using an ETC DMX/RDM gateway or by use of the ETC Gadget II USB>DMX/RDM converter. Puck is compatible with ETC fader wings, programming wings and OSC controllers.  Puck also supports connection with third-party USB-MIDI panels via Direct MIDI.

Ships With:

VESA 100mm x 100mm mounting plate

Power supply and detachable plug cable

4380A1133 ETCnomad Puck Lighting Controller Kit, 1,024 outputs (can be used as lower-cost RVI)

4380A0063 ETCnomad Initial Puck Output Upgrade, 6,144 outputs


NOTE: ETCnomad Puck Base provides 512 outputs when running Eos 2.8.x or lower and 1024 when running 2.9 or higher. ETCnomad Puck is also compatible with Cobalt.



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