HPL 575 LAMP 240V 3200K (OSRAM)

HPL 575 LAMP 240V 3200K (OSRAM)


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Osram HPL575
For use in ETC Source 4 fixtures
575 watt, tungsten halogen, HPL series
Colour temp: 3200k
Base: G9.5
Product features and benefits
  • Ultra compact filament design (UCF) for high lumen output
  • Unique gas fill which improves light output and minimises risk of arc-out
  • Special heat sink base for maximum durability in high temperature applications
  • Reinforced pinch seal for extra mechanical strength
  • Foam packaging for easier handling and installation
  • Optimum system performance with TP22H socket
Areas of application
  • Stage and theatre
  • Studio, TV and film
  • Architecture & Entertainment

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