Global Deluxe Smoke Fluid Aerosol (for use in Mini Mist And Microfog)


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Smoke Fluid Canisters

For use with Le Maitre MiniMist and Microfog Smoke machines

Le Maitre Global deluxe fluid canisters  The Global Deluxe Smoke Fluid delivers a premium effect, producing a thick, white, practically odourless smoke with a medium hang time making it ideal for stage use and for fire safety training. Smoke fluid canisters are pressurised cans of fluid which fit directly into the Mini Mist and Microfog smoke machines.

Le Maitre's fluid is water-based and completely safe to use on live stage performances. 


  • Each can contains 400ml

Download: Safety data sheet 


Please note: These smoke canisters do not produce smoke without the required machine, suitable for use with Le maitre MiniMist and Microfog Smoke machines

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