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All the spare parts for ETC Lamp burner including the cable assembly and retro fit kit for pre-1997 lanterns.

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      7060A1033    Lamp retainer retrofit kit for pre 1997 lanterns that don't have them as standard. 
          7060A3056    Source Four CE Strain Relief Clamp, Black  
            7060A3007    Socket, light baffle casting
              7060A3011    Hub, index casting 
                7060A3012-0    Spring, lamp retainer
                  7060A3025    Screw, 1/4-20x1.55 knurled head 
                    7060A3055    Housing, socket, casting, Black 
                      7060A3085    Lamp retainer wire 
                        HW5122    7060A3204    Bolt, 1/4-20 x 1/75, full thread
                          7060A4007    Knob, X-Y, lamp set
                            7060A4008-02    Knob, Z, lamp set w/ female insert  
                              7060A4019    Label, Fixture Warning   
                                7060A4011    Bushing cup   
                                  7060K1001    Insulated Handle Kit, Black (includes handle and 4 x screw HW2181)  
                                    7060B7013    Source Four/Source Four jr CE Cable Assembly / cable wiring set 1.5m 
                                        7060B7014    Source Four CE Ground Wire 
                                          7060B7017    Safety wire assembly, bronze  
                                            HW2181    Screw, self tap,6-32 x 5/8, black zinc  
                                              HW3103    Screw, 8-32 x 5/8 PhFHMS, black zinc  
                                                HW349    Washer, ext #8 .170x.381x.023 zc  
                                                  HW385    Screw 8-32 x 3/8” PhPHMS SEMS  
                                                    HW5123    Nut, hex, 9/16-18, black zinc  
                                                      HW534    Nut, Hex, 1/4-20, black zinc  
                                                        HW746    Screw Retainer Flat 12-6-1  
                                                          HW747    Washer, wave   
                                                            HW748    Spring, compression CO720-072   
                                                              HW749    Spring Ground  
                                                                HW8209    Clip, Tinnerman  

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