ZIRCON - LED Correction lighting pack


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ZIRCON - LED Correction lighting pack

Only to be used on LED fixtures.

Zircon Filters have been specifically designed to fine-tune the inconsistencies often associated with LED lighting.

The Zircon LED correction pack contains 14 filters.

The minus green filters help fine-tune the green cast often found in LEDs, whilst the warming and cooling filters either warm up cool white LEDs or cool down warm white LEDs. 


14 Sheets

1 each of:

801 Zircon Minus Green 1

802 Zircon Minus Green 2

803 Zircon Minus Green 3

804 Zircon Minus Green 4

805 Zircon Minus Green 5

806 Zircon Warm Amber 2

807 Zircon Warm Amber 4

813 Zircon Warm Amber 5

808 Zircon Warm Amber 6

809 Zircon Warm Amber 8

814 Zircon Warm Amber 9

818 Zircon Cool Blue 6

819 Zircon Cool Blue 8

820 Zircon Cool Blue 10


Zircon LED correction lighting filter pack




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